Tadeevo denim black Autumn minimalist shoes

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Do you want to stay clearly minimalist during autumn? Due to popular demand from our customers in Seattle we constructed water resistant minimalist autumn shoes. There is no need to suffer (in stiff shoes) during these few months. Used materials maintain high flexibility as in all the other Tadeevo products.

Tadeevo AUTUMN minimalist shoes accomplish our concept of ultra minimalism. High flexibility, natural foot shape, zero heel-to-toe drop, lightweight construction and no artificial stabilization provide natural barefoot-like movement. The shoes look as if they had a small elegant heel. However, this is an optical effect created for purely aesthetic reasons, as the shoe has a slight recess inside the heel part of the sole. This means that the height difference between the heel and the toes is still exactly zero.

Tadeevo AUTUMN shoes show the same flexibility and ultraminimalism as all other Tadeevo products. It seems that our Tadeevo AUTUMN are the most flexible and the softest autumn minimalist shoes. This product is for conscious barefoot walkers: you can be elegant and still experience natural freedom.

All used materials are vegan friendly - free from any animal products, by-products or animal-derived ingredients. In the Vegan Collection you will find the same quality and protection as in all the other Tadeevo products.


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  • high flexibility in both axes (torsion and bending)
  • zero heel-to-toe drop
  • natural shape of the human foot
  • thin flexible sole - stack height 6 mm
  • no artificial stabilization
  • lightweight - the weight of a size 42 shoe is (235 grams)
  • soft yet durable construction
  • water resistant
  • upper material: denim black fabric with water resistant membrane + robust and high quality vegan leather
  • sole material: Tadeevo Ultraflex rubber
  • color: denim black



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